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Consulting Engagements

The following projects are representative of the breadth of management consulting engagements which have been completed by Pacstar over the years:

Company providing real-time Articial Intelligence (AI) and Augmented Reality (AR)computer vision technology solutions.
  • Led transaction activities to spin company out of parent company.
  • Provided CFO/COO services for over 2 years.
  • Participated in multi-million dollar Seed Round raise.
  • Assisted in development of IP strategy and worked on development of additional products and IP.
  • Took products from prototype to production stage. Led international software implementation team.
Consulted to numerous companies to obtain government grants and tax incentives.
  • Obtained over $5 million in training grants for several of Arizona's largest high-tech employers including implementation of Registered Apprenticeship programs to assist in training employees.
  • Obtained $165,000 in tax credits for an aviation company for installing pollution control equipment.
  • Obtained tax credits for companies hiring veterans, disabled workers, and felons.
Company providing solutions to ongoing problems found with water and sewer pipeline installation.
  • Provided interim CFO/COO services.
  • Assisted in development of IP strategy and worked on development of additional products and IP.
  • Took products from prototype to production stage.
  • Assisted in strategic planning for marketing and distribution.
Restaurant holding company with multi-state operations.
  • CFO of company.
  • Responsible for day-to-day financial operations.
  • Responsible for all phases of acquisition process for new opportunities.
  • Worked with securities attorney to develop investor related documentation.
  • Developed operational processes for company.
E-Learning company specializing in the culinary and hospitality industry.
  • Developed software requirements documents and performed assessment of over 50 potential vendors for e-learning platform.
  • Provided strategic advisory services to properly position company for going to market.
  • Provided marketing advisory services to include structuring joint ventures and partnerships.
Direct response marketing company specializing in products for women and health.
  • Assisted company in organizational structuring and capital formation.
  • Provided strategic advisory services to properly position company for going to market.
  • Provided marketing advisory services to include structuring joint ventures and partnerships.
Service company in the business of providing goods and services to homeowners in a large metropolitan area.
  • Assisted company in organizational restructuring and capital formation.
  • Developed a Private Placement Memorandum for capital raise.
  • Developed financial projections for growth which allowed for a staged roll-out of multiple locations over a 3 year period.
A chain of 5 retail stores in the Phoenix metropolitan area. Company had undergone rapid expansion and needed strategic guidance.
  • Provided Strategic Overview of company and developed strategic and tactical planning documents.
  • Developed requirements for and assisted in acquisition and implementation of point-of-sale system.
  • Providing assistance in developing and implementing marketing strategy.
  • Negotiated a revolving credit line with a banking institution, lines of credit with vendors, and renegotiated major vendor contracts to reduce costs, restructure debt, and improve cashflow.
  • Assisted in reorganization of company to include outsourcing of personnel functions and hiring of senior personnel.
A multi-level-marketing company involved in the manufacture and distribution of nutraceuticals.
  • Developed a marketing program to promote nutraceuticals through pay-per-inquiry programs to radio stations across the United States and Canada.
  • Worked with the CEO to assess new manufacturing technologies for integration with the existing product line.
  • Advised the company on strategies for private and public equity investment.
An Internet dating portal which has developed a new and innovative on-line system for Internet dating.
  • Provided interim Chief Technology Officer services for company.
  • Provided technology assessment for several technologies to be integrated with the site.
  • Provided project management for software development of site.
An Internet technology company involved in the development of a 3D environment for browsing the World Wide Web.
  • Advised the company on strategies for private equity investment.
  • Advised the company during raising of second round funding.
  • Worked with the founders to develop business opportunities.
A health care company providing highly qualified and skilled and unskilled personnel to the health care field.
  • Assisted CEO and executive staff in dividing the company into two specific business entities; one dealing with home health care services with managed care health plans and Medicare as it's source of revenue, the other dealing with private duty and staffing services where the patient or facility is the responsible for revenue.
  • Provided strategic planning advice on expanding staffing portion of business into areas other than medical staffing.
A medical service company providing free-standing locations that test for sleep apnea and other sleep related disorders.
  • CIO and co-founder of company
  • Advisor to major investors on all business and technology issues.
  • Developed projections for growth which allowed for a staged roll-out of 8 locations over a 3-5 year period.
  • Successfully negotiated sale of company to regional health-care company.
A family run business offering Obstetrical, Gynecological and Infertility services for over 40 years. The company developed a new fertility testing product.
  • Provided advisory services in corporate structure and capital formation.
  • Assisted in development of marketing strategies.
  • Assisted in development of Private Placement Memorandum.
An Internet marketing and branding company and portal for free items on the web.
  • CIO of the company.
  • Responsible for overall development and implementation of web site under a rapid launch paradigm.
  • Hired 90 people within three months and built an organization to accomplish content gathering, graphic arts design, and generation of HTML pages for search engine placement.
  • Served as Chairman of the company's Technical Advisory Board, consisting of outside experts in both business and technology areas.
A developer and manufacturer of active-matrix computer systems used for determining positioning and distance on a golf course.
  • CEO and co-founder of company.
  • Developed business plan and supporting information to solicit private equity investment in company.
  • Successfully negotiated initial round of Venture Capital funding in the amount of $450,000.
  • Worked with attorneys to successfully close Venture Capital deal for funding.
  • Oversaw redesign of primary product to reduce costs and improve reliability.
A private group which invests in small businesses with growth potential in the Phoenix area.
  • Managing Partner of the compny.
  • Responsible to identify and perform due-diligence on new opportunities.
  • Full fiduciary duty for management of LLC assets.
  • Co-owner of a regional manufacturer of high-quality motion furniture.
A furniture manufacturing company
  • Provided business analysis and requirements definition leading to recommendation of MAS90 accounting and manufacturing software system.
  • Managed project to implement MAS90 in company.
  • Upon learning of partnership issues, brought together investor group with $550,000 to purchase 49% of company and restructure debt.
A company providing mobile electronic asset management utilizing state-of-the-art wireless systems accessible in real-time through a Network Operations Center and the Internet.
  • Wrote Executive Summary to be used in raising private investment capital.
  • Negotiated agreements for purchase of technology distribution rights.
  • Performed due-diligence for purchase of technology assets.
  • Placed key personnel in company to include President/Chief Operating Officer, Corporate General Counsel, and Director of New Product Development.
  • Made introductions to key clients and partners.
A private flight academy training pilots for the commercial airline industry.
  • Developed and implemented a complete student tracking system.
  • Developed and implemented a complete marketing support system.
  • Provided support to the Executive Vice-President for design of a new facility.
The nation's most active limited partnership trading firm, which operates the Online Central Auction Facility.
  • Led team to reengineer business processes to improve efficiency and customer service.
  • Designed database and user interface within which all new business processes were implemented.
  • Developed an interactive online auction-based resale system for buyers and sellers of limited partnerships and other illiquid securities. The online auction system was designed to promote a fair and equitable marketplace for re-sales of illiquid securities, enhance availability of price information, and facilitate best execution.
  • Worked closely with CIO to establish metrics and integrate local systems with corporate strategies.
An Information Technology staffing company specializing providing highly skilled contract workers to companies throughout the United States.
  • Provided complete financial overhaul of company and implemented a system of checks and balances in operations functions.
  • Developed complete personnel manual.
  • Developed and implemented an automated system to file for H1B visas with the US INS.
  • Wrote standard contracts for both contractors and clients.
A durable medical equipment and respiratory equipment and service provider with eight locations in Arizona and Tennessee.
  • Assisted President and COO in a turnaround situation to position the company for sale.
  • Successful in achieving turnaround through the utilization of a team based management organization.
  • Provided reconciliation of electronic data through a nationwide network of billing systems.
A regional provider of hardware and software solutions and information technology consulting.
  • Developed a consulting practice dedicated to providing project management expertise on large information technology projects.
  • Project managed systems implementation at local county courthouse.
  • Project managed requirements analysis and systems implementation of DataWorks ERP software at Arizona Correctional Industries.
A small development stage company specializing in software for simulation of signal integrity issues in electrical design.
  • Assisted company in developing computer-based simulations for manufacturing equipment and processes.
  • Applied Business Process Re-engineering strategy in order to position the company for future expansion.
  • Developed and implemented a complete Management Information System and PC/UNIX-based network to maintain all internal company financial information, track sales and customer support, and distribute products.
  • Documented all company processes and developed a quality program based on a Total Quality Management paradigm.

Financial Transactions

Some of the above financial transactions were led by members of our team while working at other firms.